This Is What Your Favorite Celebrities From The 90’s Are Up To These Days


While we might think of the 1990’s as being quite recent, the fact is that over 30 years have passed since the decade that saw dramatic breakthroughs in technology that shaped the way we live our lives. Let’s harken back to the days of CD’s, cordless landline phones, and VHS tapes. The Internet was a new, strange concept that had yet to take over the world. We watched Seinfeld and Friends and rocked out to grunge. So where are all of our favorite stars of that day now?

Tiffani Thiessen – Then


Tiffani Thiessen stole many a heart as Kelly Kapowski on the hit TV show Saved By the Bell. Thiessen later went on to play Valerie Malone on another huge TV show, Beverly Hills 90210.


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